Max Popenker (mpopenker) wrote,
Max Popenker

горячий июль

в дикой и страшной ЮС оф Обамерика пока все еще стреляют.
только заголовки, телеграфной строкой:

7 июля
Aurora store owner shoots, kills robbery suspect
Worker Shoots Burglary Suspect During Break-In
Clerk shoots suspect during armed robbery
Shots fired during home invasion
No charges filed against Sneads Ferry man who shot intruder

8 июля
Man Shoots Intruder In Self-Defense

9 июля
2 Criminals Shot During Jewelry Robbery in East Memphis
Attempted robbery leads to deadly shooting
Business owner foils robbery try
Intruder Shot North Of Whitney
Homeowner Exchanges Gunfire With Would-Be Robber
Tags: rkba

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