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Gun contorl works. UK style

несколько цитат из относительно свежей (март 2010) публикации газеты Сан:
At the time there was an air of subdued optimism that something would be done to stop the gangs' tyranny.
But less than three years on from the killing, The Sun has discovered that the streets where Rhys once walked are WORSE than ever and steeped in fear.
In the two years after Rhys's death the number of guns seized by police in Norris Green and Croxteth doubled. But there were eight shootings in the area between January and August last year. We met members of the Nogga Dogz gang who told how gun crime has escalated beyond control.
"Shootings happen all the time - they just don't get reported.
"Most of the time no one is hit but when they are - or when an innocent person like Rhys is shot - it makes it into the papers and everyone acts surprised. But there's loads of shootings around here, trust me."
A crack unit of Merseyside Police called The Matrix, armed with guns and Tasers, patrol the streets of Norris Green and Croxteth to tackle gun crime.
Even gang members admit they have had some success in getting firearms off the streets - but claim they will never win the war.
Stewart says: "One thing the gangs do now is steal a car and drive it at a rival gang member, running them down. That's done loads because it is quick, easy and the punishment for stealing a car is way less than for holding a gun.
"It's five years minimum for getting caught with a gun - but you probably just get community service getting caught in a stolen car."

Краткое резюме для невладеющий инглезом
невзирая на 80+летнюю историю ужесточения оружейного законодательства, насилие с оружием в ЮКей в последние годы не только не снижается, но растет; полиции приходится патрулировать улицы Ливерпуля с оружием и тазерами (привет, "бобби" со свистком и дубинкой, ага). кроме того, в моду вошло использование автомобилей в качестве оружия - члены уличных банд угоняют автомобили и давыят ими пердставителей враждебных банд. результат не хуже, чем с пистолетом, зато наказание за угон авто много мягче, чем за незаконное ношение оружия.
ну и так далее
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