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Around 20 minutes later, once Whitman began facing return fire from the authorities and armed civilians who had brought out their personal firearms to assist police, he used the waterspouts on each side of the tower as gun ports, allowing him to continue shooting largely protected from the gunfire below but also greatly limiting his range of targets. Ramiro Martinez, an officer who participated in stopping Whitman's rampage, later stated that the civilian shooters should be credited as they made it difficult for him to take careful aim

В августе 1966 больной на голову Чарльз Уитмэн залез на башню Техасского университета в Остине и открыл огонь из винтовки по студентам
Офицер полиции Мартинез, участвовавший в операции по обезвреживанию психа, позже признал, что гражданские стрелки своим огнем серьезно ограничили возможности психа по выбору целей и ведению прицельного огня
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