Max Popenker (mpopenker) wrote,
Max Popenker

какой же у людей в головах ппц бывает, однако

из мэйлбокса:

Are you a communist? If so, there is a need to create a training facility for a better generation. They would be thought love, and science (fight is a minor science, with some art in it because of a bunch of luck needed in case of "equal" oponents).

I think implanting people limbs with tracking devices of movement and law protocol systems in an open source, automatic production full verifiable and closed data. it is fairly easy to make humans crimes and societal problems go away in a short period. it is also possible once the people see, that children can be reared sort of automatically, and as such, a newer generation have no real needs to fight against eachother (except if its genetically determined to have a will to destroy others, however it is not true for all, and the best way to avoid inherited or meisosis related birth defects is to synthesize dna artificially at least for the purpose of cloning [and where applicable, because of safety issues, for artificial "recombination" or engineering otherwise]).
At any rate, as a base we are going to start out of this principle: most of the people must not be criminals and we have to prevent the uprising of criminal behavior. Obviously, if any one of these points are not implemented yet, they have to be done so. As of now, its apparent that most of the people are criminals, all of them would do at least that much, to bully others or make fun of them, with that reducing the likely-hood of this person to satisfy his/her socially related needs (in quite some cases at least).
So the basis is to track peoples position and movement, or even the movement of special objects (knives, guns etc) as well, so it is possible to determine who is in the vicinity of what kind of object. For even larger efficiency it might be necessary to redesign whole cities with better organization. Of course the tracking shouldn't be done by a smaller group even if they have immaculate "morality" because if problem occurs in them, it might have larger effect. So therefore "everyone" tracks everyone after it has been reached that people have good enough behavior.
So the tracking should protect the tracked person from harm, or others so that the tracked person wont cause harm. Therefore, the tracking device shouldn't be possible to be removed without the tracking system to take note. For this, collar like devices seem to be the best choice, the implantation of microchips are not good enough, they are risky to implant, if not risky however, then they are easily removed, plus they interfere with medical devices, like MRI machines. The device worn by the person, should be made of tough but light material , and it should facilitate whole day wearing.

похоже на банальную НФ-антиутопию, но, судя по всему, кое-у кого этот мозг рака является реальной мечтой о будущем.
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