Max Popenker (mpopenker) wrote,
Max Popenker

мой день сделан

на TheFirearmBlog обсуждают укаринский буллпап Малюк.
Один из комментаторов сделал мой день с самого утра.
пост некоего Kulibin762 и далее вниз по треду (возможно придется нажать кнопку "Show more")

несколько цитат для ленивых
Weapon this revolutionary can only be created in a state that is gun-friendly and corruption-free. It took them only ten years to bring an obsolete AK design into the 21st century by upgrading it with a fully (!) ambidextrous trigger.

Where do I start? This thing bristles with innovations. Let me explained the ambi trigger first. They redesigned the trigger for modern urban combat so now it can be activated by either right or left index finger. It’s a very important tactical advantage.

Now the new safety. Remy 870 uses cross bolt safety and everyone knows how reliable pumpsare. So putting the same safety here increases the reliability by I’d say 50% at least.

It doesn’t need to allow for running under less than optimal conditions because it is intended fora professional soldier who knows how to maintain it. Therefore it will never malfunction (that is another 100% increase in reliability), therefore it doesn’t need forward assist.
They also invented (and patented in Ukraine) cooling the
barrel by air.

в общем, только остатки моей веры в людей заставляют меня думать что человек просто так развлекается и веселит окружающих, а не всерьез верит вот во все это.

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