December 1st, 2006

gun owner

Дарвин в действии - зажигалка против пистолета

Miami Herald "A robber used a lighter resembling a pistol to steal a man's wallet-- only to be shot by his victim, who was armed with a gun that was real. Delbert Leroy Wells, 40, the would-be robber, lingered for two weeks at Jackson Memorial Hospital before succumbing to his wounds on Thanksgiving Day. On Nov. 8, Miami police say, Wells was driving a white Dodge when he pulled up to the car of Patrick Laguerre on Northwest 75th Street and North Miami Avenue at about 12:20 a.m. Heasked for directions. As Laguerre was responding, Wells pulled out a nickel-plated lighter made to look like a gun. Laguerre gave him some loose dollars, 'but [Wells] wanted more,' according to a police report. Wells searched his pockets, fished through his wallet and got back into his own car. But the wallet was empty. Wells 'became irate, aiming the handgun at the victim, stated he was going to shoot,' the police report said. Laguerre took cover back in his own car, grabbed his own handgun and squeezed off three to four rounds."

торчащий гарфилд

простые вещи

В последнее время люблю простые вещи, видимо, от пресыщенности сложными: мыслями, словами, эмоциями, интригами, проектами, тоской, которая внутри.
Крупная картечь 8.2мм в контейнере, за обедом в "Пушкине"
Блеск идеально отшлифованной стали Remington на стволе
Джем из кумкватаКлинок из AUS 4A на бруске для доводки за завтраком
Мощная струя дымящегося напалма на чистое тело грязные домишки

ох уж эта пятница, мон шер ами... когда же она кончится, еби ее через колено