July 3rd, 2007

торчащий гарфилд

(рыдая в голос) шедевры рекламы

Despite what our competitors claim, Poly Tech AK parts are clearly the best. The factories of Poly Technologies, Inc. have over thirty years experience manufacturing weapons systems for the Chinese military. The Poly Tech AKS-762 is the only AK to incorporate all of the latest product enhancements adopted by the Chinese military. These additional refinements may cost a little more, but the result is a genuine AK manufactured to Chinese mil-specs, not some cheap imitation.
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light in the tunnel

The anti-gun male

Julia Gorin

The anti-gun male

LET'S be honest. He's scared of the thing. That's understandable--so am I. But as a girl I have the luxury of being able to admit it. I don't have to masquerade squeamishness as grand principle-in the interest of mankind, no less.

A man does. He has to say things like "One Taniqua Hall is one too many," as a New York radio talk show host did in referring to the 9-year old New York girl who was accidentally shot last year by her 12-year old cousin playing with his uncle's gun. But the truth is he desperately needs Taniqua Hall, just like he needs as many Columbines and Santees as can be mustered, until they spell an end to the Second Amendment. And not for the benefit of the masses, but for the benefit of his self-esteem.
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