July 11th, 2007


французы, бля

показательная цитатака из интервью Николя Саркози (пардон что на инглезе :)

"I would like to say one thing, in what is my conception of the Republic, security is the responsibility of the State, I am against militias, I am against the private ownership of firearms, and I’m trying to make you think about that. If you are assaulted by an armed burglar, he’ll use his weapon more effectively than you anyway so you’re risking your life. If the criminal is not armed and you are and you shoot, your life will be ruined, because killing someone over a theft is not in line with the republican values that are mine. The private ownership of firearms is dangerous. I understand your exasperation for having been burglarized two times, I understand the fear that your wife and daughter may have but the answer is in the efficiency of the police and the efficiency of the judiciary process, the answer is not in having guns at home."


впрочем, нынешние британские рулеры ничуть не лучше

(собственно говоря, и наши ровно из того же .gov.на вылеплены)
торчащий гарфилд

пока писал про френчей,

вспомнил старый баян про немцев.

"на самом деле, германское культурное наследство достаточно незамысловато:
вы едите много свинины с капустой, пьете много пива и каждые 50 лет ощузаете острое желание надрать задницу французам"