December 11th, 2007

light in the tunnel

письмо в редакцЫю

получил вот такой мыл на адрес с одного малоизвестного сайта™

Dear Modern Firearms Assault Rifles:

I'm curious - what logical reason can you give for why you sell/produce guns that can shoot "600, 750 rounds per minute?"

I don't get it. Isn't it obvious to you that such guns have no purpose in our society other than to slaughter innocent people by nuts who think they can become "famous" by killing at random, in schools, malls, churches and other public places where automatic rifles have no place.

I cannot think of a single reason for such a weapon, other than for military purposes - or if you are being stampeded by a pack of lions or some other danger/life-threatening animal.

Is it about money? If so, how sad is that!?!- money cannot bring back the lives of the people killed by these weapons.

Please reconsider what you are doing and think about the lives you can save by ceasing to produce such deadly - and nonsensical weapons.

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light in the tunnel

еще одна мелкашечка

ну что, мелкашный шушпангевер 44 у нас уже был, МР-5 вот тоже появился, всякие АК, М16 и ППШ в .22лр уже просто банальщина... что дальше то? Пожалуй, надо намекнут старику Ронни Б чтоб сделал работающую масштабную модель Лайт Фифти под .22ЛР... хотя правильнее с точки зрения масштаба наверное будет все же под 6.8х43 Рем СПЦ :)
но под .22 - прикольнее :)