March 12th, 2011


вести с афганских полей

на форуме у Тони Вильямса нарыл вот такое:
From: Guardsman26
Direct feedback from a friend recently returned from Afghanistan is that the latest optical combat gunsights make long range shooting easier than it's ever been. With the ACOG x4, you can genuinely engage targets at 500 metres. You couldn't do that very well with the UK's old stalwart, the L1A1 SLR fitted with iron sights, nor with the L85A1 fitted with the earlier SUSAT sight.

The L129A1 fitted with a x6 ACOG is liked very much. It is close in weight to SA80 despite being a larger calibre weapon. It has less recoil than the old SLR. Most important of all, a good shot can hit targets at 800 metres. Even an average shot can hit targets at 500 metres. Understandably, the Army wants more of these rifles.

The effectiveness of the L129A1 has re-asserted the importance of basic marksmanship training and the single aimed shot. With 7.62 mm you can be reasonably certain of killing someone with a single round. That was not the case with SA80. While it was relatively easy to engage targets on a range at up to 300 metres, in combat, however, it proved more difficult, not least because of the manifold issues with the calibre. In many long range engagements, you could get an entire section blanketing a target at 500 metres with automatic fire and hitting nothing.

In that sense, 7.62 mm rifles with advanced optical sights have been a game changer. None of this is new, of course. We used long range .303 rifles almost exclusively last time we were in Afghanistan, albeit with iron sights. (The more things change the less they change.) So, what I'm saying is that equipping everyone within a platoon with a 7.62 mm weapon is a much, much better option than doing so with 5.56 mm ones. Rifles with 16" barrels make 7.62 mm weapons much more manageable.

если вкратце: англичанам сильно нравятся новые прицелы ACOG 4Х на их штатных Л85А2, ибо позволяют прицельно стрелять до 500 метров. Новые пара-снайперки L129A1 калибра 7.62 НАТО с 6Х прицелами ACOG крайне популярны и позволяют эффективно работать до 800 метров
"В полях" снова начинают понимать важность навыка прицельной стрельбы одиночными на приличные дальности. Существующий опыт показывает, что отделение, ведущее автоматический огонь из табельного оружия калибра 5.56мм на дальность порядка 500 метров, как правило стреляет в белый день как в копеечку. Самозарядки калибра 7.62 с хорошей оптикой в этом разрезе существенно меняют ситуацию в пользу европеоидов, юзающих оные винтовки.