May 23rd, 2012

gun owner

интересное чтиво на тему RKBA
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из любопытных фактов: из анализа почти 5000 новостных публикаций за 8 лет исследователи выявили свыше 200 случаев, когда оружие было отобрано у его владельца в момент преступления... при этом исходно владел оружием в абсолютном большинстве случаев... преступник :)

Oddly enough,while the authors have recorded a large number of incidents where someone has their guntaken away from them, it is usually the otherway around. In 227 incidents, a criminal’sgun was taken away from him by the victim.This does not necessarily mean that the victim shot the criminal, but it does mean thatthe victim successfully disarmed the criminal and then threatened the criminal with it in order to make him leave, or make him remain on the scene until the police could arrive. Often, these were situations where the victim, at the start of the attack, did not have a gun
By comparison, the data set contains only 11 stories out of 4,699 where a criminal took a gun away from a defender; the reverse, as we have seen, was reported more than 20times more often