January 21st, 2019

light in the tunnel

если ставить заведомо недостижимые цели...

то потом не смогут всерьез спросить, почему ты их так и не достиг.
дзен американских разработчиков вооружений :)

Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley, a strong proponent of the round and new rifle, believes the weapon system will prove to exceed any military rifle in existence, and penetrate any body armor in use now and in the next 25 years.
“This weapon has an accurate range far in excess of any known existing military rifle today,” Milley said during a speech at the Association of the United States Army’s annual meeting in October in Washington, D.C

light in the tunnel

и еще из документа из предыдущего поста

Additionally, the kit must have a 5.56 mm barrel that can be switched in less than three minutes to fire the .300 Blackout сartridge, the RFI stated. SOCOM hopes to have a weapon that is the same length and size for both calibers
ну хорошо, поменял ты ствол "менее чем за 3 минуты". Видимо, прямо в поле или на передовой базе, по получении новой боевой задачи с соответствующей спецификой.
а прицел как и когда перепристреливать будешь?
почтальон печкинг


в ФБ выложили фото от Беретты - последовательность производства рамки пистолета Beretta 92FS / M9.

UPD: ссылка на большое фото: http://images.vfl.ru/ii/1548110861/7b6004e9/25053063.jpg

фото жаль мелкое. Сопроводительный текст:
It takes 337 gauges and 94 cutting tools to make an M9 frame.

The gestation period of a Beretta M9 frame is covered in one place and with the help of 18 different receivers to show the work. The M-9 receiver production sequence is explained in 3D with actual frames in various stages of completion in an upcoming auction from Rock Island, ranging from a blank forging to a finished serialized receiver.

Starting with a 7075-T6 aluminum forging that weighs 27.7-ounces, the 65×49-inch board covers the 15 workstations and 42 machines used to cut the forging down to a 6.98-ounce completed receiver that has had 75 percent of the original material removed. Each of the stations is detailed (e.g. “Work Station 10: Mill trigger bar seat, disassembly button, right side & trigger guard area”) with the changes done to the frame highlighted in red.

Для изготовления одной рамки нужно 337 шаблонов и 94 режущих инструмента.
Из исходных 27.7 унций алюминия остается около 1/4. Задействовано 15 рабочих мест и 42 станка