November 3rd, 2021

light in the tunnel

А как же модная. модульная и пластмассовая Беретта?

которая Beretta ARX-160? Неужто не зашла на исторической родине?

Раз: COL MOSCHIN IS LOOKING FOR A NEW RIFLE ...When it would seem, the Nono together with an unspecified Italian company in the sector (perhaps Beretta), it is developing a new specific rifle for use by special forces.

The new weapon (therefore completely different from the ARX-160A2) should have a similar conformation and functionality to the Colt M-4A1 rifle, but with a higher modularity and operating system gas piston.


некая не идентифицированная пока fucile d’assalto в руках бойцов этого самого подразделения COL MOSCHIN