November 9th, 2021


Sad French story

In 1962, the French army wanted to replace the MAS49/56 with the FN FAL, the procurement process selected the MAS62 and the Army never fielded the weapon.

Sometimes, you don't have what you want.

With the political decision to adopt the 7.62 mm MAS62 as the "next 7.62 mm rifle", and with the ageing fleet of MAS49/56, selecting another cartridge was maybe (pure speculation from me) viewed as a way to escape from the MAS62 and in 1973, the French army announced that the MAS49/56 will be replaced by the HK 33 (or the FN CAL if Belgium was to buy Mirage F1 planes). Well, anything but not the MAS62.

Unfortunately, the procurement process selected the FAMAS instead (which was not fully developped at this time) and bought some SIG 540 from Manurhin so the troops could have access to something more "up to date" than a 20 years old semi-auto rifle with a 10-shots magazine capacity.

Sometimes, you simply don't have what you want.

So, the French army ended with the FAMAS rifle (a rifle the army didn't want) as an interim weapon, firing a round that was selected because it could kill a 25 kg & retired security dog with one shot in the leg at 10 m... but with the budget to launch a program for the development of the "perfect rifle" that never arrived...

пишет юзер EmericD на форуме Тони Вильямса

Короче сперва в 1962м французская армия вместо устаревшей винтовки MAS 49/56 хотела винтовку FN FAL, но выбрали его местный аналог MAS 62, который не стали запускать в серию

Это MAS 62

Чтобы окончательно отвертеться от MAS62, армия решила переходить на 5.56мм, приглядываясь к HK 33 или FN CAL (в случае если Бельгия купит Миражи). Однако в результате "конкурса" на вооружение принимают еще сырой автомат FAMAS, и в качестве временной меры - SIG SG-540. И да, FAMAS рассматривался как временная мере перед переходом на безгильзовые системы.

Ну а чем все закончилось мы и так знаем - по Парижу снова ходят солдаты с немецкими автоматами :)