November 16th, 2021

light in the tunnel

Oops, they did it again?

на форуме Тони Вильямса распускают интересные слухи про NGSW:

I have received confirmation from an industry source that GD-OTS / Lone Star / True Velocity are now out of the NGSW competition while Textron has voluntarily exited the program. This leaves SIG as the only remaining contender. Second, there now appears to be widespread acceptance within US Army / NGSW circles that the 6.8 mm ammunition standard is overpowered and reintroduces many of the disadvantages that 5.56x45 mm NATO standard sought to overcome. Consequently, the US Army is now looking at a compromise requirement with the ability to penetrate level IV body armour to 400-500 metres instead of 600 metres.

RDECOM/ ARDEC had previously developed EPR projectiles in 6 mm, 6.35 mm and 6.5 mm. It seems that these will be re-evaluated in new case designs. The 6.5 mm EPR-style bullet had already been used by SOCOM for its T&E of 6.5x49 mm Creedmoor. So it is straightforward to establish this as a new NGSW baseline standard, adopting a necked-down version of SIG's hybrid 7.62 case.  Versus SIG's 6.8x51 mm standard, the new round will be lighter and with less recoil. No official confirmation of any of this yet, nor information on chamber pressures, muzzle velocity and muzzle energy.

The SIG MCX Spear will also be updated. The revised ammunition can be fired with little more than a barrel change, but the weapon needs other modifications to improve handling and efficiency. I understand that the gas system and bolt carrier will be modified.

It is not yet clear whether a revised ammunition requirement will force a reset or simply be the next logical step in the program. Given these developments, the US Army is likely to be under pressure to make an announcement.

То есть если верить "слухам из промышленности", то GD-OTS / Lone Star / True Velocity NGSW выпинуты с конкурса на мороз (большая "любовь" американской армии к буллпапам известна давно, да), Textron NGSW сами слились без объяснения причин, остался один SIG MCX Spear, да и тот  с проблемами. Ну и внезапно :) до кого-то дошло что супер-магнумы - это не совсем то. что нужно военным для автомата, так что будут думать над более другим и менее магнумовым патроном в меньшем калибре (6 - 6.5мм)
Это все, понятно, только слухи, но вот честное слово, совершенно не удивлюсь если правда окажется близкой к ним :)