Max Popenker (mpopenker) wrote,
Max Popenker

Маузер Маннлихера

The authorities in the UK have uncovered a cache of illegal German Mauser rifles make by Steyr. It seems there was a huge cache of 25,000 rifles smuggled into Belfast in 1914 during something called the “Home-Rule Crisis”.
For those new to Mauser rifles, you will notice the age of these weapons by the fact they have straight, as opposed to turned-down, bolt handles. And the magazines are single-stack that use en-bloc clips that drop out of the bottom hole after the last round is stripped from the clip

выделение мое
ну подумаешь, Маннлихер, Маузер, Австрия, Германия...
какая разница, да?
но вообще кто-то хорошо "поднял" антиквариата. Жаль только что в лучшем случае все это добро будут попилено в ММГ, а в худшем - отправлено в металлолом...

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