Max Popenker (mpopenker) wrote,
Max Popenker

Misnik жжот на албанском

The automatic pistol APS (Stechkin automatic pistol) was developed I. Y. Stechkin also was taken advantage service of the Soviet army together with a pistol PM (Makarov) in 1951. The pistol is intended for arms of the officers participating in battle actions, arms of special forces, crews of battle planes and helicopters, artillery and rocket accounts. The pistol has a wooden holster (at later releases she plastic), which at shooting serves a stock. The grooves for fixed a holster to a pistol are located below, on the back of grip.

Automatics of a pistol works on a principle of feedback slide. The trigger mechanism double action, hammerless type with open hammer. The safety level also is the interpreter of fire and has three rules: safety, single fire, full auto. The button of cut - off magazine is located on the left party, behind an aperture of a trigger guard. A sight open, sector. Despite of perfection of a design, during operation APS his some lacks connected first of all to weight and dimensions of a pistol were found out. Therefore now he to not be made. Modification at APS one:

* APB (Automatic Silent Pistol) - Developed on base APS a silent pistol. On muzzle have a groove for silent

и вообще, читайте тут:
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