Max Popenker (mpopenker) wrote,
Max Popenker

по поводу Техаса и иронизирующих "а если бы у них был короткоствол".

Цитата: As the gunman exited the church, he was confronted by a local resident who, armed with his own weapon, began firing, prompting the gunman to flee in his vehicle.

“The local citizen pursued him,” said Freeman Martin, a regional director for the Texas Department of Public Safety, who said the gunman crashed off the road about 11 miles north of the shooting scene and was later found dead there. “We don’t know if it was a self-inflicted gunshot wound or if he was shot by our local resident who engaged him in a gunfight.”

источник: The Washington post

То бишь жертв могло бы быть больше, если бы не местный со своим собственным gun.
И еще - сам стрелок был с позором выперт из армии, а таковым по закону в США оружие иметь запрещено.
Это - к вопросу об эффективности запретов.
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