Max Popenker (mpopenker) wrote,
Max Popenker


The AR10-type weapon is inherently accurate especially when compared to other service rifles, but the design leaves it very susceptible to dirt and debris. Adding a piston system to the AR15/10/M4/M16 does not improve the reliability of the system in harsh environments due to design limitations. Considering these trials, it is interesting to ponder weapon testing requirements of the United States and the small arms currently being used and purchased by the Services. The selection approach of the United States may need to be rethought. If you operate in harsh conditions where maintenance and cleaning may not be available, and you absolutely must have a rifle that fires every time you pull the trigger, then the Russian Kalashnikov AK is the answer. Otherwise, keep your weapon clean and don’t let it get dirty.

вот как-то так :)
Tags: AR-10 надежность, AR-15 надежность, АК надежность

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