Max Popenker (mpopenker) wrote,
Max Popenker

цеевропа нессср

весело жилось в Европе в конце 1950х.
жил был чувак, поставлявший оружие Алжирским повстанцам, и...
But these activities caught the interest of the French secret service and officially or not, retaliation was organised. A Swiss, Marcel Leopold, associated with Puchert, was killed in Geneva, with a blowpipe shooting an arrow tipped with curare. But Puchert did not understand the warning and two of his ships were destroyed on October 1,1958: Atlas a German boat in Hamburg and Alkiran, an Egyptian ship in Ostende (Belgium).

On November 5, 1958, Amediane Aït Ahcene, the Algerian financial delegate, was shot by two snipers in front of the Tunisian Embassy in Bonn where he had his office. On the morning of March 3, 1959, Georg Puchert sat in his Mercedes car, parked in a Frankfurt street. When he tried to start the car, there was a large explosion. The vehicle and its driver disappeared, becoming flames and light...

а вы - Новичок, Новичок...
учитесь у французов!

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