Max Popenker (mpopenker) wrote,
Max Popenker

и еще про NGSR

They have let go a little bit of the velocity spec but it still doesn't matter. This is well past the line of stupid. There's so much wrong with the program that I literally don't know where to start, and some things I just can't say.

This is what happens when the US Army is allowed to blow $500M (no, that's not a joke) on a SAAC study and throw money at Lake City.

с форума Тони Вильямса (ссылка)

если кратко: вот что бывает когда ЮС Арми дают пол-ярда зелени на распил НИР/ОКР по отработке стрелкового оружия

UPDATE, дабы не плодить посты
"It will fire at speeds that far exceed the velocity of bullets today, and it will penetrate any existing or known ... body armor that's out there," Gen. Mark Milley told at the 2018 Association of the United States Army's Annual Meeting and Exposition
любые существующие бронежилеты, Карл! Наверное еще и на любой дистанции.

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