Max Popenker (mpopenker) wrote,
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в ФБ выложили фото от Беретты - последовательность производства рамки пистолета Beretta 92FS / M9.

UPD: ссылка на большое фото:

фото жаль мелкое. Сопроводительный текст:
It takes 337 gauges and 94 cutting tools to make an M9 frame.

The gestation period of a Beretta M9 frame is covered in one place and with the help of 18 different receivers to show the work. The M-9 receiver production sequence is explained in 3D with actual frames in various stages of completion in an upcoming auction from Rock Island, ranging from a blank forging to a finished serialized receiver.

Starting with a 7075-T6 aluminum forging that weighs 27.7-ounces, the 65×49-inch board covers the 15 workstations and 42 machines used to cut the forging down to a 6.98-ounce completed receiver that has had 75 percent of the original material removed. Each of the stations is detailed (e.g. “Work Station 10: Mill trigger bar seat, disassembly button, right side & trigger guard area”) with the changes done to the frame highlighted in red.

Для изготовления одной рамки нужно 337 шаблонов и 94 режущих инструмента.
Из исходных 27.7 унций алюминия остается около 1/4. Задействовано 15 рабочих мест и 42 станка
Tags: beretta 92, технология производства
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