Max Popenker (mpopenker) wrote,
Max Popenker


Germany has no capability to manufacture MG3s anymore.
The manufacturer of the receivers (not Rheinmetall!!!) scrapped the machinery after Rheinmetall / the German so-called government had not placed orders in years.
When the last order came in RH had nothing to come up with and getting new tooling made (even with improvements then as offered by a specialized company) time was too short and noone wanted to pay the tools.
So the cheapest bidder for new receivers won the tender: POF
The delivered receivers had metal scrap quality. After they had arrived at RH they were completely reworked (several times as they never passed QA). Holes were welded shut and drilled new and even the front section of the receiver was cut off and welded back into pos to make up for correct measurements.
So in the end RH delivered an MG3 which was “new” but refurbished about a half dozen of times and made by people starving from hunger in a facility where quality assurance is more of a threat than a rule.
What we have today is a MG3 of which our soldiers do not even know came from a 3rd world country, bears the markings of RH (once associated with “quality”) and is worse in quality (like a car with a total crash that got “fixed”) than a German MG42 of WW2 production (and having been in use since).
And this is what our soldiers are sent to fight with!
But the good thing might be that these were the guns we sent to Syrian terrorists (of course only “moderate” ones) to fight with against the elected govt. there.
And I am sure the POF MG2 receivers costed us about 5x more than those we would have made in country (with about 5x the quality).

еси совсем кратко - то последние заказаные мемецким правительством пулеметы MG3 были собраны на ствольных коробках пакистанского производства.
с сответствующим качеством, уймой геморроя, и суммарными затратами в разы выше чем если бы немецкий производитель сделал пулеметы с нуля, а не пропил списал старое оборудование из-за долгого отсутствия заказов

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