Max Popenker (mpopenker) wrote,
Max Popenker

эта музыка будет вечной

Heckler and Koch, acting through their UK subsidiary NSAF Limited, have entered into a contractual arrangement with UK Ministry of Defence for the upgrade of a significant quantity of SA80 Assault rifles.

The initial 3-year £15 million pounds requirement lays the foundations for weapons enhancements through the Army’s Equip to Fight Programme and will upgrade the weapon system to the SA80A3 variant. The contract contains costed options for enhancements to additional quantities of the SA80, and a two-year contract extension at an estimated value of £50 million pounds. Work on the initial buy and any follow on options will be undertaken at both the UK facility and in Germany.

The upgrades will incorporate a new Foregrip, an improved upper receiver, and extra safety features.

великие некогда британцы несут немцам из Хеклер-Кох в клювике еще немножко функельшперлингов за очередной апгрейд автоматов L85A2 до уровня L85A3, с карточными играми и девочками новым цевьем, модифицированной ствольной коробкой и улучшенной безопасностью :)

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