Max Popenker (mpopenker) wrote,
Max Popenker

один вопрос - почему не на 7.9?

Nothing official. It appears that the HK433 is not as liked as much as the HK416, which is already in service as the G29 with the KSK / KSM.

There has been much discussion about whether Germany should re-adopt 7.62 mm more widely. There has also been talk of postponing a decision until it is clear what the US Army will do.

They US Army will adopt two 6.8 mm loadings. In addition to the AP one there will also be a standard round with lower velocity and chamber pressure. If the SIG ammunition concept is chosen, then this would align with German needs. Anyway, nothing definite has been announced, but in the meantime the original timeline appears to have slipped.

In the meantime, the British Army is very envious of way France brought HK416 into service. Hope you are well.

с форума Тони Вильямса

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