Max Popenker (mpopenker) wrote,
Max Popenker

и на закуску - старый, политически некоректный баян

на иностранном северо-американскном наречии.
USA, gun shop.
man (M) goes in, and immediately points at .44 magnum revolver and says "i want this one"
gunshop clerk (C) asks him "what for, sir? it is rather powerful gun"
(M) "i want to shoot 'cans"
(C) "cans, sir? then you'd better buy that (points at .22LR revolver)"
(M) "no, i want that! (points at .44)"
(C) "sir, but what cans you want to shoot with that monster?"
(M) "what cans? many: afri-cans, mexi-cans, puertori-cans..."

ЗЫЖ я предупреждал, что это

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