Max Popenker (mpopenker) wrote,
Max Popenker

весна пришла, шизе дорогу

у покупателей вебсайтов весеннее обострение, не иначе. еще вот один на свет приполз:

zhekson06: hello, I wish to buy your site, how many?
Max Popenker: what for?
zhekson06: yes you site
Max Popenker: for what purpose you want it? what are you going to do with it once 9if) you buy it?
zhekson06: The purchase, looking how many! And I buy for my friend, at date of a birth!
Max Popenker: birtday gift. that's funny. But i'm not going to sell it, because first i worked on it for more than 6 years and love it, it is my favorite "toy" and hobby, and second - it brings me some profit, and it is gouind to bring even more each month. Of cause, if you can offer me US$100,000 i will consider selling it, but i doubt that you will.

перцу 16 лет по данным аськи =)
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