Max Popenker (mpopenker) wrote,
Max Popenker

вот зачто я люблю старика Хогга, царствие ему небесное

так это за неподражаемый юмор в описании такой серьезной вещи как оружие.
Novelties, however, do not sell pistols, nor do they turn bad designs into good ones: the Mauser 06/08 never got much further than prototypes because nobody who saw it was impressed by its appearance (and, after all, whether one likes the Military Model(* or not, one has to admit that it is an elegant-looking weapon, whereas the 06/08 certainly is not); and, from various reports, it would appear that those who tried it were far from impressed by its lack of reliability and its tendency to dream up new and improbable ways of jamming. It was quietly taken outside in about 1910 and knocked on the head.

*) - Mauser C96

Для тех, кто не понял - речь идет вот об этом чуде враждебного разума:
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Mauser C06-08

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