Max Popenker (mpopenker) wrote,
Max Popenker

забавно, но лень переводить =)

How freakin' sweet would a H&K 1911 be?

Let's see... It would be just like a 1911, only it would be a lot bigger, wider, fatter in the grip, but hold the same number of rounds, have more muzzle flip, have a much worse trigger, (probably still have the square peg in the round hole that we've been complaining about since what, 1992?), have a magazine release that isn't useable by human thumbs, cost twice as much as any comparable pistol, (see how every other polymer gun on the market costs $500 and the USP costs $800), have a decocker that you can accidently turn on under stress, have magazines that cost twice as much, have the worst customer service in the industry, but we would buy it because their marketing department has somehow managed to convince us of their clear teutonic superiority because they have pictures of it being frozen in a block of Komodo dragon saliva, dunked in the fires of Mt. Doom, and then being used by a Rainbow Six operator as he rises from the water and dramatically kills tangos.
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