Max Popenker (mpopenker) wrote,
Max Popenker

надувая щеки от гордости

выцарапано из свежего э-мыла:

I just got your book. It is an excellent addition to my library, as
most of my books that cover handguns in general are six or seven years
old now, and your book has information on dozens that are not covered in
previous books I have, and many I have never even heard of, including
some in 9 x 18mm.

I love that Pistoley Shevchenko from Ukraine. Where can I buy one? It
is like Browning, Borchardt, Luger, Petter, Makarov, Tokarev and all
other great pistol desginers had a joint bad dream, and in that
nightmare, they conspired together to build this incredible pistol,
thereby collectively ruining all of their own reputations! Marvelous
Pistol! I love it! I shall have to mention it in my book, if I ever
get it written. The Japanese Type 94 pistol has finally been surpassed!

On the other hand, the Ukrainian Fort 12 and Fort 14 pistols look quite
nice, although somewhat big for 9 x 18mm.

Well, at any rate, CONGRATULATIONS! A fine, informative book that I am
sure will become one of the most referred to volumes in my entire
library, which numbers about 1500 books on guns, and 60 file drawers of
material on guns and ammunition.

Thanks for telling me about it.

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