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Dear Modern Firearms Assault Rifles:

I'm curious - what logical reason can you give for why you sell/produce guns that can shoot "600, 750 rounds per minute?"

I don't get it. Isn't it obvious to you that such guns have no purpose in our society other than to slaughter innocent people by nuts who think they can become "famous" by killing at random, in schools, malls, churches and other public places where automatic rifles have no place.

I cannot think of a single reason for such a weapon, other than for military purposes - or if you are being stampeded by a pack of lions or some other danger/life-threatening animal.

Is it about money? If so, how sad is that!?!- money cannot bring back the lives of the people killed by these weapons.

Please reconsider what you are doing and think about the lives you can save by ceasing to produce such deadly - and nonsensical weapons.

Мой ответ Чемберлену

Dear Mrs. *****,
first off, you should read the disclaimer on my main page, which tells that "I do not sell weapons, and the site is for informational and educational purposes".
Second, the rate of fire information is useful for many people - be that students in military history, military and police personnel (who uses my website for identification of firearms), as well as for ordinary people interested in the subject.

As for purposes of weapon, there are much more than of "military" or "police" purposes.
To name few most important, those are:
* hunting. In many parts of the world guns still bring necessary food for people who cannot afford buying food. It is also good sport, which brings fresh meat and helps to control population of wild animals which otherwise would harm humans ( i.e. hunting small vermin which eat corn and other grains)
* target shooting, which is great and SAFE sport (it is actually more safe than baseball, football or car racing!)
* self-defence. This is an important issue, as violent crime is increasing and the only means of protection for a "weak" people who are untrained in martial arms or are in bad health are the guns. You simply cannot stand against a knife-welding rapist or robber if you do not have a superior weapon - a GUN, which you can use. The one's life and life of its close relatives are key priorities of any human, and if i would have to decide which life is more important, mine (or my family member's) or some drug-filled thug, i would chose mine over his every time.

As for "gun causing crime", you should look into examples of modern Japan, which has almost NO firearms ownership, yet a very high suicide rate, or into Great Britain, where civilians are disarmed by laws but criminals still kill, rob, rape and shoot as they are criminals and thus do not care about any gun-banning legislations.
In my opinion, recent string of public shootings has more to do with American mass culture, such as movies (like Natural Born Killers) and computer games, rather than guns, as well as with bad mental health and troubles with diagnosing psychotic types.

Yours, я :)

ЗЫЖ и музыка в тему как раз :)

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