Max Popenker (mpopenker) wrote,
Max Popenker

на правах добровольно-бесплатной рекламы

Получил вот такое письмецо:

Dear friends,

after many years of waiting and looking for a publisher, my book about the German manufacturers codes of WW2 is now finished. Some days ago I got the first package from the print shop.

The book has more than 500 pages, is sorted in two ways (after codes and after company-names), contains ALL code systems (abbreviations, number-codes, letter-codes, LDO-numbers for medals & insignias and the RZM-numbers for NSDAP- & SS-equipment). The official list with letter codes ends with "ozz", but I was able to add three pages of later codes.

And the best fact: The foreword and the text is written in German and English!

The part with the codes is not translated, because there is not much to translate. But I have forced the publisher to print the text in English language too. I think it's very important to know the background and the development of the code systems. I have found many original documents in archives to reproduce the way of the development step by step.

There will be no commercial distribution to dealers outside Germany, so if someone might be interested, I can only send books from me.

If someone is interested, the price is 35,- EUR in Europe incl. postage.

ежели кто заинтересовался книжкой - выдам емайл автора приватом, чтоб не светить его перед спам-ботами в онлайне.

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