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Misinformation About School Shootings
Though school shootings are extensively covered in the news media, the information available in news reports is not necessarily complete, accurate, or balanced. News coverage is inherently hasty and often relies on sources who themselves have incomplete or inaccurate information. And journalists ordinarily do not have access to police and other investigative reports that may contain highly significant but confidential information about a school shooting incident or about the background, previous activities, and traits of the student or students who carried out the shooting.
To the extent that academics, researchers, and other specialists writing in professional publications base their articles on news accounts or other public sources, these too should be viewed with some reservations since they will also lack critical information available only in confidential school or law enforcement files.
News coverage magnifies a number of widespread but wrong or unverified impressions of school shooters. Among them are:
• School violence is an epidemic.
• All school shooters are alike.
• The school shooter is always a loner.
• School shootings are exclusively revenge motivated.
Easy access to weapons is THE most significant risk factor.
Unusual or aberrant behaviors, interests, hobbies, etc., are hallmarks of the student destined to become violent.
School shootings and other forms of school violence are not just a school's problem or a law enforcement problem. They involve schools, families, and the communities. An adolescent comes to school with a collective life experience, both positive and negative, shaped by the environments of family, school, peers, community, and culture. Out of that collective experience come values, prejudices, biases, emotions, and the student's responses to training, stress, and authority. His or her behavior at school is affected by the entire range of experiences and influences.

Critical Incident Response Group (CIRG)
National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime (NCAVC)
FBI Academy, Quantico, Virginia

Собственно говоря, смысл вводной части документа в том, что "стрельба в школах" есть всего лишь частный случай проявления отклонений в головах отдельных ебанашек™,вызванный различными психологическими, семейными и социальными факторами, а не просто доступом к оружию.
что, собственно, подтверждается и опытом стран, где доступа к оружию практически нет (линк1, линк2) - а многочисленные жертвы ебанашек таки есть все равно. А лишение граждан возможности эффективно защищаться от психов лишь повышает эффективность этих самых психов.
По моему так.
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